Best Companies To Work For

By Rob Smith January 5, 2023


The Great Resignation. Quiet quitting. Loud quitting. The labor market is in the midst of a massive transformation. Workplace culture has rarely, if ever, been more volatile or uncertain.

A study by HR technology provider Quantum Workplace reveals that two-thirds of executives believe culture is more important than business strategy. At the same time, 65% of employees say their company culture has changed since the start of the pandemic.

Seattle Business magazine’s annual Best Companies To Work For List compiled by Pennsylvania-basedBest Companies Group shows that positive cultures are based on more than perks and recreation.

Financial services firm Brighton Jones, for instance, offers self-awareness and emotional management training. Tech firm Volt Athletics has a four-day work week. Consulting firm Sublime Media emphasizes results, not hours worked. They prove that forward-thinking companies thrive because of an employee-centric culture.

Companies are divided into three categories:

SMALL COMPANIES: 15-49 full-time Washington employees

MIDSIZE COMPANIES: 50-149 full-time Washington employees

LARGE COMPANIES: 150-plus full-time Washington employees

As CEO Brian Deutsch of Kirkland telecom Pivotal Commware says, “We have to tell people to take time off. We have heroes who are here all the time.”


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