Core Values, Respect & Leaders Who Walk the Talk: Why Employees Think Omnidian Tops the Charts

The solar system performance management company voted 2nd best small business to work for in Washington state

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This article is part of a series focusing on select companies who placed among WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018, as determined by employee surveys that measure their perceptions and satisfaction across 82 individual attributes within 10 employment categories. 

Omnidian’s mission is clear: protecting and accelerating capital invested in the solar sector in order to put more solar energy into the world. The company is “helping to make our planet greener and advance the cause of clean energy,” explained a passionate employee, “our product solves a real need in the industry.”

Not only do employees feel connected to the bold vision of the 2-year old Seattle-based company (“SO cool!” stated one team member) but they are proud of the company’s drive to “provide peace of mind to their clients, along with the “Industry Best Residential Solar Protection Plan.”  Omnidian is the industry’s only independent provider of technology-enabled, all-encompassing protection for investments in residential solar systems, with thousands of clients consisting of homeowners as well as owners of large-scale residential portfolios.

Core Values. No Ego.

Omnidian firmly believes that a great company is built from the inside out. Leadership has cultivated a culture dedicated to investing in their team. “There is a genuine love for what we do and for each other that creates a corporate culture of mutual success and respect,” noted an employee. Another echoed, “The culture here is one of growth, development, camaraderie, openness, respect, pride. I hope to be here a very long time.”

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No one at Omnidian is a stranger to hard work, in fact the company was awarded the Department of Energy’s SunShot grant in 2017, “which accelerates the development of highly impactful solar energy technologies.” However, this intense dedication to the company mission has not compromised the culture of respect and humility, “The pedigree to ego ratio is amazing; the people are extremely smart and know their field well, but are also just easy people to talk with. No attitude here.”

“The culture of my company is second to none. They have an established and published set of core values that they adhere to and practice on a daily basis,” stated one employee. Many others consistently report feeling both challenged and listened to, and express great confidence in the future of the company saying, “together I know we are going to achieve great things!”

Leaders Who Walk the Talk

As industry leaders, the Omnidian team reports it has managed nearly half of all residential solar systems ever deployed in the U.S. The same trust that Omnidian develops with customers begins with the leadership’s approach within the company and continues to compound as the company grows. “The leadership team is unlike any group that I have worked for -- they are industry veterans with zero ego. They are incredibly generous, with their time, energy, attention, and interest in us (associates),” affirmed one employee.

Transparency in leadership is another theme highlighted by employees, especially with regard to the company’s goals and perspectives. As several employees noted, “leadership…trusts each team to do their jobs,” and “they are consistently open to suggestions.”

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Other employees cut straight to the chase stating, “Executive leadership is phenomenal.” Another employee elaborated, “They understand the value of mentorship, diversity, and respect in the workplace. They are the ones driving these initiatives. And that is so refreshing to have leaders that walk the talk!”

As one particularly content team member expressed, “I really love the environment of encouragement and open doors that our leadership has fostered. There's a strong sense of support from the executive leadership and they genuinely feel excited for employees to succeed.”

Everyone Is Valued

Omnidian employees come to work not only because they believe in the company’s mission to help more people find, “the confidence to go solar without fear,” but also because they sincerely enjoy each other’s company. “Omnidian has done a great job of bringing in great people and the people make it a great place to work. Smart, capable, friendly...truly amazing team,” said an enthusiastic employee.

The corporate culture, mission, and creative workspace in downtown Seattle, coupled with impressive and flexible benefits, have attracted quality employees. One such employee gushed, “It's really fun to work with such a high-performing and kind team.”

Image Credit: courtesy of Omnidian

Another employee remarked, “It's clear to see how everyone contributes to the company's success. Everyone here is a valued team member and recognition of accomplishments happens frequently.”

A genuine concern from leadership for the wellbeing and success of employees is widely appreciated and permeates throughout the culture among coworkers, “The leadership of Omnidian has built an amazing company and is driving the success on their most valuable resource: their employees. I have never worked with such an amazing, kind and experienced team before,” stated a team member emphatically.

One employee’s endorsement of Omnidian succinctly defines the qualities that have earned the company its place as one of 100 Best Companies to Work for in Washington, “Outstanding work environment, great team, engaged leadership and a fundamentally ethical reason for being in business.”

Learn more about careers at Omnidian at omnidian.com and find out more about WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018.

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