100 Best Companies Snapshot: Sustainable Interiors

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Sustainable Interiors is a small business, but its benefits package includes a SIMPLE IRA in which the company matches employees’ contributions dollar for dollar up to 3 percent of their salary. The interior-finishes contractor also offers incentives similar to commission-based sales. “If a project engineer is finding ways to capture change orders,” says Sustainable Interiors Principal/Owner Dana Pittman, “they get a certain percentage of that because it’s saving us money, it’s protecting the client and it’s making the project go well.”

Pittman fosters a culture of openness and lets her team know their ideas are valid. “We want to hear [your idea]. Let’s process it and see if it can be used now or possibly later.” She says no one on her team has an attitude of “that’s not my job.” Instead, she notes, “It’s like, ‘Oh, you need help.’ Everyone is willing to jump in and make it work.” Pittman could work from anywhere but she chooses to go into the office daily so she’s accessible. “I always like to go through and kind of touch base and see how they are doing. … It’s more like family rather than employee-employer.”

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