Bizible Employees Praise Software Company's Teamwork, Values

Why Bizible makes the list of WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017
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This article is part of a series focusing on select companies who placed among WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017, as determined by employee surveys that measure their perceptions and satisfaction across 61 individual attributes within 10 employment categories. 

It’s Bizible’s “we’re all in this together" attitude that one of the company’s employees points to as the reason for choosing to work there.

The Seattle-based company—which creates revenue attribution and planning software for business-to-business marketing—was founded in 2011 by CEO Aaron Bird, Head of Success Andy Turman and Chief Technology Officer Peter Thompson. The three Microsoft alums were building ad platforms when they became aware of the breakdown connecting marketing to revenue and sought to rectify it. 

Today, the company’s products help their customers determine which marketing avenues are working, which aren’t, and, ultimately, where to best invest their marketing dollars. 

Bizible’s benefits package includes fully paid health, vision and dental, no formal limit on paid vacation, a 401k, paid lunches, a transportation stipend, and paid maternity and paternity leave. “The benefits are the best I've ever had. One hundred percent premium-paid medical, dental, vision, unlimited paid vacation, a transportation stipend, and free drinks, snacks, breakfast and lunch in the kitchen,” says one employee. 

Adds another, “Bizible has exemplary leadership, fantastic benefits, great workplace perks, high hiring standards, smart managers, a self-managed and cooperative culture, high performance goals, and innovative business solutions.”

Win One for the Team

Bizible operates from a set of six values: customer first, always; leaders not managers; grit/bias for action; challenge assumptions; passion without ego; and lean fuels growth. Their mission is to make every marketing dollar profitable for their customers. 

“Hiring and culture is very important at Bizible," explains one employee. "The hiring process is focused on finding those who fit our culture of low-ego, high intelligence and dedication. There is a sense of commitment to what's in front of us (our projects and responsibilities), as well as a commitment to building a great company, defined by creating great processes and sharing all wins as a team.” Another employee agrees, noting, “We are a tech startup company that understands that in order to be at the top and be different, it starts with the people (culture and environment).”

Across the board, employees agree that what truly makes Bizible one of the best places to work is the people who work there. “Everyone is encouraging and willing to help others with whatever it may be,” says one Bizible team member. “Nobody is too busy to help somebody do something because we understand it's a team effort all the way around. Our office is the ‘ultimate office’ because our culture promotes friendships outside of the workplace and empowers us to build this company into something great from the beginning.”

Ego-free Zone

Employees say that, although they approach their work with passion, their coworkers don’t take themselves too seriously. “We have a product that works but behind it we have incredible people. It's not something you find every day where salespeople will drop what they are doing to help others and celebrate their success. It isn't one person succeeding at the expense of another; it's everyone succeeding together and building each other up. The people are what make Bizible great and what make the product so powerful,” says one survey respondent.

“Group think” at the company is displaced by individual responsibility and respect, and ego is bested by teamwork. “Bizible offers a unique group of coworkers. I love coming to work because my coworkers are all incredibly smart and supportive but with a variety of personalities and backgrounds. I can always get help when I need it and the conversations are always great!” notes one employee.

And that’s true from the top down. 

Rather than dictate to the team, Bizible’s leadership rolls up its collective sleeves and takes time to truly listen to their teams, treating each employee’s opinion as equally important as their own. Employees call the leadership team and senior management smart (“You can’t get brighter than them”) and open. 

“Our company truly places value in their employees," says one employee. "There has never been a moment working at this company in the last three years where I felt my voice was unheard or my opinion was unwanted. Beyond that, they really focus on letting the employees drive company culture whether it's through book clubs, ping pong tourneys, or company events. At the end of the day they want to make sure you have that thing we all strive for: work-life balance. You matter to your peers and your leaders, which is such an amazing feeling.”

“There are no egos here,” adds another. “Everyone has bought into the mission and nobody is too big or important for any task based on ego.” At Bizible, everyone has an impact on the company's growth and satisfaction. 

Puppies and Ping Pong

When asked to explain what sets Bizible’s corporate culture apart from other companies in the industry, one employee succinctly noted: “Dog-friendly, ping pong, free food and a pervasive sense of pride and ownership held by every employee.” (Be forewarned, however. Another notes that the ping pong is “very competitive.)

It all comes down to culture, explains one employee. “I believe we collectively understand that the key to enjoying our work, our challenging high-velocity work, is to have and protect a supportive and available culture by which we can all learn from each other and feel safe in our collective knowledge. This is further strengthened by the variety of ‘personal histories’ inside our team.” 

Observes one happy employee, “We don't just have a hip new office space with exposed bricks, a living green wall, and a great location. We have a wonderful and supportive office culture. We have free lunches, a fun team, sparkling water on tap. What more could you ask for?”

Learn more about careers at Bizible at Bizible.com/Jobs, and find out more about WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017.

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