September 2017

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Native American hop pickers on a farm in Western Washington, which enjoyed a robust harvest in 1889.

Central Washington University answers the craft brewing industry’s call for skilled professionals.

Earwax is hardly a sexy topic. But brothers Aadil and Sahil Diwan see in it an alluring business opportunity.

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Seattle revolutionized the coffee business, so it makes sense that some of the sleekest espresso machines on the planet are hand built by the Seattle Espresso Machine Corporation.

CEO Adviser: As a Washington resident, are your arrangements up to date?

“We need to be on every platform because public radio has seen a real uptick in consumption,” Caryn G. Mathes says. “But we need a new word; it’s consumption of audio.”

Antitrust Law has figured prominently in Washington business for almost as long as there’s been a Washington state.

After three decades as a quadriplegic, completely paralyzed below his shoulders, Todd Stabelfeldt knows what independence means to someone with a severe disability.

Seattle is the nation’s second-best tech market, but remains a second tier startup city. An inside look at three initiatives trying to change that.

When the musical Something Rotten makes its Northwest premiere at the 5th Avenue Theatre this month, you will excuse David Armstrong for feeling a wee bit parental about the touring company’s long-awaited arrival.

The Seattle region's automation industry reaches into every imaginable sector -- from airplanes to apple picking.

In a dark night sky with a good telescope, you can see not far from the Big Dipper the spiral bands of M51. 

It's unlikely Charles Carpenter imagined that the Yakima Valley would be one of the most productive hop-growing areas on Earth. But it is. In 2015 and 2016, the valley produced more hops than any other agricultural region in the world.


Arlene Phillips owns Ottica Seattle, an eyewear boutique she opened 15 years ago at First Avenue and Lenora Street in downtown Seattle. 

I don’t travel as much as I used to, so I wasn’t that familiar with the current pecking order of airplane boarding. Those of you who fly more frequently will recall that it goes something like this.