September 2011

From this Issue

Game-play technology helps raise engagement and productivity, making ‘gamification’ a popular new tool across many sectors.

Hackers, beware! Washington state is poised to become a hub of cybersecurity activity.

Washington is a veritable idea factory, but why do so many companies go elsewhere to turn their concepts into products?

As founder and CEO of Seattle-based Columbia Hospitality, John Oppenheimer has built a business that operates 28 hotels and conference centers, employs more than 1,000 people and has a strong reputation for providing exceptional service.

Even in a bad economy, there’s always room for ice cream.

Urban wineries make it easy for Seattle connoisseurs to sample close to home.

This three-wheeler carves a turn like its two-wheeled sibs while providing better stability.

Startup wrestles complicated spreadsheets into consumer-friendly dashboards.

A fierce devotion to modern craftsmanship and classical technique keeps one Seattle company several steps ahead.

Recent legislation adds a new mediation step to the foreclosure process.

Lakewood-based Thrift Recycling Management becomes the largest used-book retailer by finding new outlets for second-hand volumes.

Minus their once-restrictive affiliations, credit unions create new identities—and new opportunities.

It’s time for CEOs to get the ball rolling toward a more relatable compensation gap.

In the past decade, as I’ve watched my son Eric spend endless hours on computer games, I’ve grown hostile toward this industry that has stolen so much of my son’s precious time. And I’ve wondered darkly how he and his generation will shape the world in the coming decades after having spent so much of their youth enmeshed in violent virtual worlds.

Millennials in today’s workplace are tough, resilient and smart. In short: They are exceptional.

Embracing global responsibility is the right thing to do, but you also have to do it for the right reasons.

If you delight in the taste of bacon, J&D’s Foods will have you in pig heaven.