October 2010

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Letter to the Editor

Winners from previous years' Green Washington events continue to blaze new trails in sustainability.

General Biodiesel promotes a locally sourced, produced and sold biofuel.

Optimum Energy has introduced a new process for monitoring and optimizing a building's HVAC systems.

Blue Sky Cleaners has developed an entirely new, environmentally sensitive process for dry cleaning.

The UW put into place a climate action plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

The Hyatt at Olive 8 was built green from the ground up.

Vulcan's South Lake Union raises the bar for green development.

ShoWare Center's accomplishments worth their weight in (LEED) gold.

Wilcox Family Farms' takes the lead in water conservation and recycling.

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner construction process and advanced materials proves a winner.

Burgerville and REI tie for the award in retail.

Virginia Mason's total "green" conversion makes it a winner.

SnoPUD looks to a diverse selection of sustainable electricity generation.

Seattle Business relied on the expertise of a distinguished panel of judges to select the winners of the third Green Washington awards.

What does it take to be Green?

Washington state's Cochran Inc. and Red Arrow Logistics are two of the fastest-growing woman-owned companies in the country.

A glance at the economic impact of the University of Washington on Washington state.

Upgrading Bellingham’s airport cost a lot, but increasing air traffic was the trigger.

A group of small-boat makers taps into the European market by joining forces.

Another high-end coffee equipment maker enters the Seattle scene.

CEO, Russell Investments

Washington may finally get an income tax, and business, for the first time in a while, is scared.

In a slow economy, northwest winemakers drop prices, turn to celebrities and get savvy with bloggers.

The Pacific Northwest has been slow to embrace sustainable aquaculture, but it could be a boon for the environment and economy.

How does Wall Street adapt to financial reform? Depends on what your definition of “loophole” is.

SoDo’s checkered history can serve as a guide to the neighborhood’s nebulous future.

Leslie HelmAsk an employee how your company should be structured. She is liable to describe an organization with a clear hierarchy. Now ask her what environment she would like to work in.

The key to success is employee engagement.

The clean technology sector has higher barriers to entry than the internet, but the Northwest is well positioned to be a powerhouse.

Market-driven approaches cut through regulatory uncertainty.