June 2014

From this Issue

Claiming something is innovative doesn’t make it so, and saying it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not innovative.

Former Nectar Lounge owner launches Tate’s List, a website of vendor resources.

Seattle social media site Trover blends travel and imagery.

Government contracts, savvy maneuvers help the sector right itself.

Industrial real estate market soars on the strength of e-commerce.

Matthew Lewis brings his Creole truck fare to a sit-down audience.

BAM exhibit celebrates the sophisticated artistry of origami.

Advantages and disadvantages of courting strategic investors.

Local companies could do much to promote equal pay for women, but they don’t seem inclined.

Wright Runstad & Co. president envisions Spring District as one more place where the Eastside can bloom.

Seattle’s economic future is directly tied to the competitiveness of its airport.

How brick-and-mortar stores can compete against online merchants.

And the best way to survive planned growth is to place a zealous focus on the client.

As ‘Big Data’ transforms business, the Puget Sound region becomes a major player.

Delta’s beefed-up presence in Seattle presents challenges for Alaska Air Group and opportunities for SEA-TAC travelers.