June 2011

From this Issue

Saluting the winners of Seattle Business magazine’s second annual Washington Manufacturing Awards.

Spokane’s North by Northwest Productions shows how moviemaking can be a viable business.

Seattle is ready for its close-up, in case anyone is interested.

A Seattle retail entrepreneur continues to expand her chain of Bill the Butcher shops.

As Washington’s state-run insurance system turns 100, it faces tough new challenges.

As colleges vie for dwindling dollars, higher education in Washington faces a class(ic) struggle.

Bob McCleskey, appointed CEO in 2008, miraculously survived a heart attack during a basketball game in March.

Kulshan Capital worked with Seattle Business magazine this year to construct an online index at that tracks the performance of stock prices of Washington-based corporations as a way of following business conditions in the local economy.

A new player in the car-less commute makes that uphill climb more tolerable.

What to do when DOSH arrives.

Take a lesson from the mayor and the player: Arrogance is always in season.

When John Kueber was appointed associate publisher of Seattle Business three years ago, the magazine was struggling to find its way.

Online classes reach more students, so why are Washington public schools so far behind the curve?

Success can be elusive if your company doesn’t embrace a ‘profit culture.’

Small Company

Organizations dedicated to keeping Washington’s manufacturers viable and visible.

Featured Category - Food Processor of the Year
Northwest Frozen, Seattle

Non Profit Company of the Year
SIGN, Richland

Doctors in Ethiopia treat a patient’s broken leg using SIGN’s nail-and-screw system.

Small Company (tie)
Smartplug Systems, Seattle

Seen one electrical plug, you’ve pretty much seen them all, right? That’s not true anymore in the industrial segment, where SmartPlug has come up with a new design for a shore-power plug for the marine industry.

Small Company (tie)
Advanced Rail Concepts, Snohomish

Small Company (tie)
Diane and Cole Waldo, FSX Equipment, Granite Falls