July 2012

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Celebrating the Washington employers who stand above the rest.

The stock price is up and the company has $60 billion in the bank, but can Steve Ballmer make Microsoft win the hearts and minds of the world?

When trying to become the Babe Ruth of something, make sure you’re not the Chone Figgins of something else.

AVI BioPharma is testing a promising muscular dystrophy treatment, but is it enough to keep the 32-year-old company viably independent?

When John Jastrem, who is not an architect, took over as CEO of Callison in 2011, the state’s largest architecture firm faced a tough market. After nearly doubling in size, the firm saw business grind to a halt as the recession hit and the company was forced to reduce its staff by half. Now, Callison is growing again, benefiting from a strong global presence and a leadership position in luxury retail development.

Boeing inserts 220,000 copies of its glossy magazine inside The Seattle Times.

Seattle is a pricey place to put a company headquarters.

Taphandles lets brewers tell their stories artfully, cleverly.

From backroom politicking and an unlikely alliance, a billion-dollar stimulus plan emerges to help every corner of the state

Intiman steps back from the precipice.

Display of Shaker objects honors the art of functionality.

Chef Scott Staples gambles on relocating a Seattle icon—and wins.

Employers face new responsibilities in conducting criminal background checks.

While hospitals continue to cut costs, they’re also offering high-end amenities to attract clients.

Someday, your Klout score may be more important than your credit score.

Education for the masses

Those who deride a liberal arts education are stuck at the corner of Dumb and Dumber.

Turn your business dreams into reality with the help of imagery.