February 2014

From this Issue

Cofounder and Vice President Sales and Marketing, Theo Chocolate

Executive Director, Museum of History and Industry

Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Expedia Inc.

Vice President/ General Manager, CenturyLink Puget Sound

Celebrating a relentless commitment to the exceptional outcome.

It’s time to contemplate what a diminished Boeing presence will look like — and whether we’re prepared for it.

Allen Fitzpatrick plays King Arthur in all-local cast.

Bar Cantinetta is a tiny, tasty version of its larger siblings.

Car maker seeks a broader audience with the release a luxury sports sedan

Liberal arts students preparing for careers should broaden their horizons, but colleges have a role here, too.

Attract the best talent by offering flexibility and choice and getting real about your corporate culture.

Making an M.B.A. accessible to the masses has vaulted Washington State University into first place.

$120 million biotech startup teams Seattle, New York powerhouses.

SquareHub social networking app offers greater control of privacy.

Context Relevant takes the long wait out of predictive analytics.

We owe a lot to Messrs. Boeing and Gates, but the region’s economic future may depend on another stroke of good luck.

She listened to her customers in transitioning Julep from salon operator to developer of beauty products.

In some areas, they account for more than a quarter of home sales.

Small businesses struggle to understand their options under Washington state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The expressions of modern business could fill a best practices textbook.

Maximizing short-term profit at the expense of employee well-being isn’t leadership.