December 2015

From this Issue

Ensuring multiple generations of family leadership.

Perpetuating a family business for more than a century.

Showing an ongoing commitment to social and environmental engagement.

A new family enterprise exhibiting strong growth.

Fewer than 50 employees in Washington.

More than 200 employees in Washington.

Honoring 13 outstanding Washington businesses.

Three places to look beyond pro rata arrangements.

Upgrades to commercial waterways worldwide pose challenges to Puget Sound ports.

New loan program helps producers of Seattle-made goods.

LumiThera’s medical device uses low-level light treatment to target age-related macular degeneration.

A new generation of stores is building brand awareness by attracting customers who crave that ‘wow’ experience.

Washington leads the way in making the composites industry more sustainable.

Seattle Rep musical celebrates hope and hospitality.

Move over, cupcake; the venerable doughnut is hot again.

New CEO of the Washington Technology Industry Association is eager to take on tough issues.

But if we don’t do something about education funding, we’re all going to get burned.

Social innovation often requires a touch of industrial know-how.