December 2011

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A Look Back at the Year in Business

A Look Back at the Year in Business

A Look Back at the Year in Business

A Look Back at the Year in Business

While every year seems like a pivotal year for Boeing, 2012 will definitely bear watching.

Seattle firm focuses on a time-honored consumer habit: the phone call

Phillips started his tenure shortly before the terrorist bombings of 9/11. In spite of the challenging economy since then, the Albers School, which serves 1,000 business students, has emerged as an important source of talent for enterprises in the region.

Visualant’s color sensor sees what the eye cannot.

City’s new benchmarking law requires large commercial and multifamily buildings to disclose energy performance.

Seattle firms make it easier for little guys to navigate the confusing world of remote hosting services.

State taxes and the business climate

When the going gets tough, the giving spirit often takes a holiday.

Three years ago, as our economy faced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, it made sense for companies to cut back, to restructure. It made sense for the public sector to cut costs and aggressively seek new ways to boost efficiency. And, of course, consumers needed to cut their credit balances and banks needed to pull back on lending as they built up their balance sheets.

Knowing how to make your business ‘green’ requires a commitment to sustainability education.

WINNER: Mercer Canyons

Location: Prosser 
Employees: 36 

“Everyone in this family has always liked to build things,” says Mercer Canyons CEO Rob Mercer. “It was never a question that you would sit idle.”

WINNER: Hotstart

Location: Spokane
Employees: 170

In March 2011, the family-owned and -led Hotstart Inc. surprised many employees and customers by selecting a nonfamily member as CEO for the first time in the company’s 69-year history.

WINNER: Hillcrest Bakery

Location: Bothell
Employees: 12

The story of the Kaskes family bakery is a little like one of their speculaas cookies: steeped in tradition, sweet and satisfying.

WINNER: Stemilt Growers

Location: Wenatchee 
Employees: 1,200 full time, 2,500 during cherry season

The 2011 Washington Family Business Awards