August 2015

From this Issue

Principal and creative director, Partly Sunny

Principal and designer, Fell Swoop

Director of customer experience, Amazon

Principal and creative director, Mint Design

Principal and CO-creative director, Turnstyle

Cofounder and strategy director, Wintr

Partner and chief creative officer, Rally

Founder and creative director, Hum Creative

Cofounder and chief creative officer, Civilization

Meet the leaders of eight boutique design firms — and one larger enterprise — whose flair for on-target messaging has clients paying close attention.

If you haven’t failed — and blown millions of someone else’s money in the process — don’t even think of calling yourself a success.

Good Done Great makes it easier for a company’s employees to manage their charitable giving.

The UW and Tsinghua University’s new GIX institute holds the promise of innovation through collaboration.

Glowforge’s desktop 3D laser ‘printer’ boldly goes where Star Trek once ventured.

Seattle has no shortage of entrepreneurs operating multiple restaurant locations. Just don’t call them chains …

Come warm weather, who says a business lunch or company dinner has to take place indoors? Plan your summer retreat around these knockout views.

When inking that big deal, make sure dispute resolution provisions are on your checklist.

Corporate courage — or the absence of it — has an impact on a region’s ‘brand.’

Acquisition of Seattle’s Federal Home Loan Bank is seen as strengthening the system.

A gift for pattern recognition makes his SNS Global Report on Technology and the Economy the go-to source for the scoop on what happens next.

Our readers weigh in.

China poses challenges. Continued relationship building provides solutions.

The investment policy statement and fiduciary duty.

State government is here to help business. No, really!