Northwest Kidney Centers Breakfast of Hope

May 5, 2018By Seattle Business Magazine

Chef Duane Sunwold, who changed his diet to save his kidneys, will deliver the keynote address at Northwest Kidney Centers’ 16th annual Breakfast of Hope. The fundraiser will raise money to support nutrition services for dialysis patients, nutrition education for the public, and charity care.

Sunwold, a culinary arts instructor at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College, changed his diet after he was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2000. Under the guidance of his medical team, he cut animal protein from his diet and boosted his intake of fresh produce. At the time, he was 75 pounds overweight and felt lethargic after teaching all week.

“Within two weeks I started feeling better,” he said. “I was absolutely amazed that diet could cause such a change in someone’s life. The drugs I had been on could never make me feel this good.”

After several years on his new diet Sunwold had lowered his blood pressure, improved his kidney function and ultimately was able to stop taking medications.

He’ll bring a message of tasty nutrition to Northwest Kidney Centers’ fundraising breakfast, where guests’ meals will be in keeping with the theme.

“Everyone should eat a more kidney-friendly diet, and there are simple ways to do that. Start by eating more fruits and vegetables,” he said. “If we don’t change our eating patterns we will continue to become a very unhealthy population.”

Master of ceremonies for the breakfast will be award-winning television journalist Enrique Cerna.

Why is this event important?

Money raised will help Northwest Kidney Centers continue to offer nutrition services to its dialysis patients and people in the community. By teaching classes and providing guidance about nutrition and fitness, Northwest Kidney Centers helps people eat well and live well.

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