Daring Women Profiles

September 12, 2018By Daria Kroupoderova

"Turn obstacles into opportunities. Dont let the concept of being told 'no' deter you from trying anyway. Own your experiences."

September 6, 2018By Daria Kroupoderova

"Expanding contacts comes naturally when you reframe networking as relationship building. I believe in the value of continuously connecting with people, and making room in my own schedule for expertise sharing, job searches and mentoring."

August 8, 2018By Daria Kroupoderova

"Moving toward real impact around diversity, equity and inclusion issues is understanding that there is always room for more people who want to be part of the solutions."

July 26, 2018By Daria Kroupoderova

The business owner shares where she finds inspiration, what makes a good leader and advice for women starting out in their careers.

July 19, 2018By Daria Kroupoderova

The top executive shares who inspires her, what challenges she's faced in the field and her career high points.

July 11, 2018By Daria Kroupoderova

Seattles ice cream queen shares what she loves about her work, who inspires her and what makes a good leader.