Community Impact Awards 2016: Nomination Form

The Community Impact Awards honor Washington state businesses and organizations that are making a tangible, measurable impact on their communities. That impact might be the result of any number of activities including job creation, workforce development programs, volunteer efforts, board service or innovative business models that promote social goals. 

The third annual Community Impact Awards gala will be held in October 2016 at MOHAI. Finalists will be invited to the gala and featured in the November issue of Seattle Business magazine.

Nominate your company or another organization doing important work for the community by filling out the entry form below. If you would like to be considered for several categories, please submit a separate entry form for each category. Questions? Contact Lauren Madeja at or 206.452.2977.

Nomination deadline extended: July 22, 2016


1. Business of the Year (Large, Midsize and Small)

Awarded to the company that has had the greatest impact on its community. Criteria include the size, scope and creativity of the contributions as well as concrete results produced by those efforts.

2. Nonprofit of the Year (Large, Small)

Awarded to the nonprofit organization that has contributed most to strengthening the community, either alone or in partnership with a for-profit company or government agency.

3. Job Creation and Workforce Development

Awarded to the company whose hiring practices, mentoring or participation in workforce development have contributed most to increasing labor participation and job creation in Washington state.

4. Sustainability in Business Operations

Awarded to the company with the most comprehensive and innovative set of programs to conserve energy, reduce waste or otherwise help protect the environment. 

5. Green Products/Services

Awarded to the company that offers products or services that have had or will have a positive impact on the environment. This may include building, construction or design.

6. Social Entrepreneurship

Awarded to the company that has built the most innovative and/or effective business model for building and strengthening the community.

7. Pro Bono Services

Awarded to the company or individual that uses a particular skill set, whether legal advice, marketing consultation or management expertise, in service of a mission important to the community.

8. Youth Development

Awarded to the company or nonprofit that is working with youth to teach them life skills and prepare them for the future.

9. Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to an individual who has contributed over a decade or more to help build a strong and sustainable community.


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