Holistic Culture, Casual Coffee & Inspiring Career Paths: The Combo that Sends Logic20/20 to the Top Again

How the consulting firm in SoDo keeps its place as one of the Best Companies to Work For in WA

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This article is part of a series focusing on select companies who placed among WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018, as determined by employee surveys that measure their perceptions and satisfaction across 82 individual attributes within 10 employment categories. 

It’s hard not to feel inspired when phrases like “drive toward excellence,” “act with integrity,” and “foster a culture of ‘we,’” permeate through a company’s every day corporate operations.

Logic20/20, the Seattle-based consulting firm, is one such place. The pursuit of clarity guides the company’s commitment to simply and efficiently solve business challenges in a whole host of sectors, including but not limited to education, energy, healthcare, and entertainment. The focus is squarely on the customer, and Logic20/20 delivers affordable, predictable solutions using a powerful combination of advanced analytics, digital transformation, managed services, and leadership and execution.

Holistic Corporate Culture

There is a resounding consensus among employees that the corporate culture at Logic20/20 is “unmatched.” Employees express a sense of consistent motivation and joy at work, buoyed by the intentional atmosphere centered on “respect, inclusion, prosperity, and job growth.”

One employee noted that the positivity in the workplace starts on a one-on-one basis. The company, “values individuals and makes a point of recognizing each one. Logic20/20 has facilitated a workplace culture that encourages people to learn others' names, greet strangers, and offer help, regardless of whether or not that person is on your day to day team.” Said another, it is “such an empowering place to learn and grow.”

Logic20/20’s amenities are widely praised and appreciated, ranging from monthly birthdays to work anniversary happy hours, social events, and myriad ways to, “get involved in work-related and/or nonwork-related initiatives that you're passionate about.” The variety of outside work activities, “allow everyone to participate and get to know each other,” gushed one employee. Another reiterated that those in management, “invest a lot in having fun and creating a best place to work. People are supported through the good times and the bad.” A key to boosting spirits, noted an employee, is the fact that “Our break room is always stocked with coffee and snacks to get us through the day. There is a culture of knowledge sharing and training; co-workers are always willing to help each other out.”

“Logic20/20 views their employees with a holistic approach as co-workers, friends, and family,” explained one employee, and it is this approach that makes for both widespread satisfaction and an overarching gratitude for being “challenged to be our best.”

One employee’s comment expertly captures the overall sentiment, “Logic20/20 managed to create a culture and working environment that makes me excited to come to work every day.”

Casual Coffee and Career Paths

Career management is serious business at Logic20/20, but the approach to mentoring and supporting employees is all-encompassing, from casual conversations over coffee to formal career path conversations. Employees explained that “each employee has a career manager and creates a career development plan updated annually to encourage continuous growth,” and “they meet with us regularly to understand our goals and align it with company needs and opportunities.”

Leadership has been intentional about communicating that the prosperity of the company is dependent upon the prosperity of its employees. “Everyone is important,” stated an employee emphatically, while another noted, “The potential for growth is tremendous and they foster an environment of open communication and encouragement.”

“While the clients’ needs are always addressed, they work to find ways to continue encouraging professional growth for the individual consultants,” said a team member, and “trainings are regularly provided.”

The same respectful nature in the break room is reflected in Logic20/20’s approach to professional development. “They want to mentor and provide you with the knowledge you need so you can feel confident and successful,” elaborated one employee.

The company’s personalized, genuine investment in their employees is clear, “Logic values your career aspirations and they make it a point to understand what you want to be, where you want to go and then create a plan of how to get there. Inclusiveness, encouragement, and career development are some of the many aspects that have pushed me to be more, learn more, and enjoy the space I work - more.”

Inspiring Coworkers

Logic20/20 isn’t shy about acknowledging their most important asset, their people. “Recruiting does a fantastic job of hiring individuals who have a strong sense of integrity and teamwork. Peers and management care deeply about the happiness and satisfaction individuals have in their work and make a conscious effort to ensure people are on projects that interest and challenge them.”

A seasoned employee noted, “After several years of working here, I can confidently say it's really a place where you can ask anyone for help or insight on a project and they would happily do the best they can to help you succeed or point you in the right direction.” The sense of support is pervasive, and in no way reserved for the experienced, “As a new employee, I am still learning the ins and outs of the company, but the integrity alone has been very apparent in the short time I have been here.”

“I love how flexible, open, and honest everyone is. We are continuously encouraged to grow professionally and speak candidly with co-workers,” explained one employee. This genuine gratitude coworkers feel for one another is undeniable, as is the collective understanding that inspiration and constant growth make for a joyful, healthy workplace environment. Another earnest employee stated, “I have never felt more comfortable and happy within a company I work for.  They truly care about their employees and what they need and want, to keep them happy.”

While the “relentless attention to the intersection of business and technology” might be the daily professional focus, it’s the emotional support from colleagues that team members value. “Logic employees see more in me than I think I see in myself. They truly make me feel valued and that I am capable of so much more.”

Learn more about careers at Logic20/20 at logic2020.com and find out more about WA's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018.

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