Uncompromisingly Made in the USA


August issueI enjoyed the article on Soldano Custom Amplification (“Loving It Loud,” August 2010) in Seattle Business. As the owner of two Soldano amplifi ers, I can testify to their amazing sound and quality. Mike, Bill, and the crew make an amazing product and they are a little-known Seattle treasure for rock guitar players. I own an SLO-100 and a Lucky 13—and may never use another amp. Soldanos are built in a most uncompromising manner in the USA—a rarity for an amplifier these days when most manufacturing is off-shore. Moreover, it is not just the Soldano high-gain sound that makes them unique: They are bulletproof.

Years ago, the company got a call from a customer requesting an insurance letter for a damaged amplifi er. It seems that the amp had been underwater in a fl ood for a week and had been ruined. The customer sent that amp back to the factory for inspection—without a box! Just an amp and a mailing label after a week in a fl ood. It was plugged in—and it still worked. Every Soldano amp is made the same way.

It is a pleasure to see a company so focused on the highest possible quality and giving real credibility to the term “Made in the USA.”

J. Thomas Ranken
President and CEO, Washington Clean Technology Alliance