Scoop du Jour


Do you scream for ice cream? Especially for unusual flavors like salted licorice, balsamic strawberry and Elysian stout? Apparently, a lot of people crave the stuff when times are tough. How else to explain the opening of three distinctive, homemade ice cream businesses in Seattle since 2008?

The newest member of the group getting rave reviews is Bluebird Microcreamery & Tea Room, begun in 2009 by Josh Kessler Reynolds and featuring organic, locally sourced flavors. Bluebird started on Capitol Hill and recently expanded to Fremont and Greenwood/Phinney Ridge.

Preceding Bluebird by a year were Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream and Full Tilt Ice Cream. Molly Moon Neitzel opened her first store in May 2008 in Wallingford, where locals soon became accustomed to lines out the door even in the dead of winter. She has since expanded to Capitol Hill, Madrona and downtown Seattle, with a Queen Anne location scheduled to open Labor Day weekend. She extends the brand throughout the area with a roaming ice cream truck. Full Tilt’s Justin Cline and Ann Magyar opened their first store-cum-pinball parlor in June 2008 in White Center, later adding locations in Columbia City, the University District and Ballard.

Go on. Do a triple dip.