Robin Layton’s camera pays homage to America's love for basketball.


Seattle-based photographer Robin Layton traveled to 35 states for her latest picture book, hoop: the American dream ($40, powerHouse Books), out this month. It’s a project Layton had thought about for some time and has finally seen to fruition. “I jumped into a van and traveled to all the corners of this beautiful country of ours and everywhere in between,” she says, “to places that people told me were so tough and dangerous that they wouldn’t go to in the middle of the day.”

Layton, a former Seattle Post-Intelligencer staff photographer, went to those places and found only gentleness, generosity and a willingness to share a love for a game that resonates with so many Americans because it doesn’t require a lot of space or expensive equipment.

The book contains about 100 stunning images, from humble backboards in rural backyards to the openair court at the White House, as well as observations from basketball luminaries like Mike Krzyzewski, Gary Payton and Sue Bird.