Alaska Airlines Strengthens Its Competitive Punch by Partnering With American Airlines

Alaska also plans to join the global Oneworld alliance, which counts American as a founding member

February 13, 2020By Bill Conroy

Las Vegas, USA - November 11, 2010: Boeing 767 Alaska Airlines takes off from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11, 2010. Alaska's route system spans more than 92 cities in United States Canada and Mexico.
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Alaska also plans to join the global Oneworld alliance, which counts American as a founding member

Alaska Airlines is expanding its global reach by creating a new West Coast International Alliance through a new partnership with American Airlines and announcing plans to join the multi-airline Oneworld alliance by the summer of 2021.

For travelers looking to rack up frequent-flyer points, the alliance with American is a plus because it will allow travelers to immediately begin redeeming Alaska Mileage Plan miles on all American flights as well as provide access to any of American’s 50 Admiral club locations globally with an Alaska Lounge membership. The new partnership comes just as American and Alaska were slated to shrink their codeshare and reciprocal frequent-flyer perks package.

In addition, the rekindled partnership with American Airlines by this spring will expand to allow Alaska Mileage Plan members to also earn miles on all American Airline flights. As part of the Oneworld membership, beginning in the summer 2021, travelers on Alaska Airlines will be allowed to both earn and redeem points on all Oneworld airlines as well as access priority boarding, premium seating and baggage benefits via the alliance. The Oneworld alliance counts American as one of its founding members and currently includes some 13 member airlines and 30 affiliated carriers that serve 158 destinations worldwide.

The American-Alaska partnership, according to The Points Buy travel blog, also will benefit business travelers with the addition of two new daily routes that will be operated by American ― a daily Seattle-Bangalore, Indian, flight service (a major destination, along with Hyderabad, India, for corporate travelers from the Puget Sound region); and a daily Seattle-London Heathrow service. The new Bangalore service launches this fall and the new London service will be in place in the spring of 2021.

“Today, we are proud to strengthen our relationship with American Airlines and, in summer 2021, plan to join the Oneworld alliance,” Alaska officials said in announcing its plans. “This means traveling on Alaska, American or a Oneworld partner will feel like one connected travel experience–― no matter who or where you fly.”