The 2014 Tech Impact Awards: Enterprise



ExtraHop Networks

Location: Seattle | Employees: 110

Not all clouds are created equal. As IT systems grow more complex and diversified, ExtraHop Networks provides an analytics product that cuts down on conflicts and redundancies, boosting performance and solving problems. It’s the sort of thing that can inspire blank looks from non-IT experts, but when CEO Jesse Rothstein is asked what excites him about the company’s work, his answer is simple: “Everything!”

“Anytime you have the opportunity to pioneer an entirely new market category, how can you not be excited?” says Rothstein. “Our leadership in this new category presents nearly limitless opportunities for growth. From our Fortune 50 customers down to the medium-size businesses that derive value from ExtraHop, a wide range of organizations with diverse and complex IT environments will continue to seek the type of operational intelligence only ExtraHop can provide.”

Seven years after ExtraHop’s founding, Rothstein says his team still possesses a scrappy startup mentality. Drawing on a distinct product, Seattle’s deep reservoir of technical talent and a recently announced $41 million C round of funding, the company’s potential to grow alongside the cloud industry seems stratospheric.



Location: Bothell | Employees: 460 in WA; 1200 total

Big data and cloud computing have sparked changes in nearly every industry. Insurance is no exception. For insurance carriers, brokers and agencies nationwide, Vertafore’s suite of products helps guide that evolution. Developers of a cloud service used by 90 percent of agencies nationwide, as well as software that simplifies and streamlines paperwork, Vertafore has received a VIP (Vanguards in Insurance Practices) Award for seven consecutive years. CEO Alex Lintner, son of an insurance agent, says it’s a privilege to help the industry in its “noble work.”

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