The 2014 Tech Impact Awards: Consumer




Location: Seattle | Employees: 200

What if the world’s greatest chili wasn’t found in a restaurant but on a website? What if talented home cooks could actively critique and encourage each other? These are the ideas behind, the leading recipe network in the world, serving 23 countries with apps and websites in 12 languages. 
“My personal connections text me pictures of successful recipes from Allrecipes all the time,” says Allrecipes President Stan Pavlovsky. “Our vision is to inspire the world to discover and share the joy of home cooking.”

Founded in 1997 by University of Washington graduates and now owned by Meredith Corporation, Seattle-based Allrecipes attracts 33 million visitors a month. Half of those hits come from mobile devices and apps — a good sign of adapting to the times — and Pavlovsky has ideas to expand that. In coming months, Allrecipes plans to open up its application programming interface “so that innovative tech companies such as startups can leverage our content and data,” Pavlovsky says. Allrecipes thrives on openness and sharing, and Pavlovsky believes this move will only benefit its network, where good taste is the single real consideration. 



Location: Seattle | Employees: 140

thousands of roofs are leak free because of Porch, a rapidly growing home improvement network. Porch’s mission is to enable smart home improvement decisions, connecting consumers with the right professionals for their projects. With more than 1.5 million home improvement pros in the network and a staff that has gone from 15 to 140 in 10 months, CEO Matt Ehrlichman says the service is still at “the beginning of a journey” of transforming a major industry one roof, painting project and — yes — porch at a time.

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