100 Best Companies to Work For Snapshot: Navy Federal Credit Union

Rooted in service to country.

Washington is home to 10 branches and just over 130 employees of Navy Federal Credit Union, an organization with more than $75 billion in assets, 6 million members, 281 branches and more than 13,000 employees. Strongly rooted in the state’s military communities, NFCU places a high value on employee retention, says Regional Manager Vicki Archer. “We have a lot of tangible benefits that our employees are able to transfer when they move, which is a tremendous benefit for military spouses.” NFCU offers part-time staff a complete benefits package on par with full-timers, with generous medical-dental, 401(k), pension, awards and bonuses. Many employees are former military and spouses of active-duty personnel. 

“I love that they do not differentiate between full-time and part-time employees; all are given equal opportunities in all aspects from salary, training, developing, educational to providing a full benefit package,” one employee wrote in her survey response. Staff members talk about teamwork, making decisions at all levels, cross-training and advancement options. They also describe loving their customers, who include both military and civilian personnel and their families. 

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