100 Best Companies to Work For Snapshot: BitTitan

Making work comfortable.

When Geeman Yip started BitTitan in 2007, he envisioned a workplace reminiscent of the dot.com days with fun, collaborative spaces. As BitTitan has grown — it has 105 employees in Seattle and more than 170 worldwide — that interactive culture has helped attract talented people who have built a competitive service helping companies move their IT services to such cloud service providers as Amazon.com. “We’ve doubled essentially every facet of our business in the past 12 months,” says Yip, a former Microsoft executive who encourages work-life balance and a comfortable job site. BitTitan helps build that culture with an on-site gym (complete with chiropractor) and access to standing desks. It encourages flexible schedules and unlimited personal time off with manager approval if an employee has achieved work goals.

 “I wanted to create an environment where people are genuinely excited to come to work,” Yip notes. Coworkers say everyone is approachable, from CEO Yip down. “Everyone can be themselves,” one staffer said in a survey. To let employees recharge in a relaxed environment, there’s a social hall with pool table, beer in the fridge and free food on premises. People work hard but can pursue life passions, says Yip. One employee completed his work while traveling in three countries. Reports Yip: “He worked from a beach.” 

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