Location: Seattle | Employees: 385

Chef Software
Location: Seattle | Employees: 250

Apptio Inc. 
Location: Bellevue | Employees: 671

Location: Seattle | Employees: Under 50

Location: Kirkland | Employees: 176

Faster. Leaner. Smarter. These are the watchwords of the region’s tech sector as more companies move to the cloud and more services spring up to help them do so.

By day, Charles “Chas” Jeffries leads a group of Microsoft techies. When he leaves his Redmond office, he often sheds his suit and tie for military fatigues as commander of an elite band of cybersoldiers who are quietly waging global warfare on malicious hackers.

About three years ago, Derek Richardson and his wife bought a second home — “a dark cabin,” says Richardson. He began searching for an affordable smart lighting system but couldn’t find anything he liked. “It was $30,000 or $40,000 for a professionally installed home system,” he explains, “or it was do-it-yourself systems that were difficult to set up.”

In advance of its annual Tech Impact Awards event next month, Seattle Business magazine has named Ed Lazowska as its 2016 Tech Impact Champion.

The rapidly growing cloud business of Amazon Web Services (AWS) could soon begin to put the same kind of pressure on the legacy IT sector that has already put on the retail sector.