T-Mobile CEO John Legere Is Hosting His Own Cooking Show on Facebook

Have you seen him on #SlowCookerSunday?

How many times have you watched a food show and seen the host spray nonstick cooking oil on a hardwood floor (the better to attempt a Michael Jackson moonwalk)? We’re guessing none, unless you’re a faithful aficionado of John Legere’s “Slow Cooker Sunday” on Facebook (#SlowCookerSunday).

The iconoclastic T-Mobile CEO lends his magenta touch to the culinary arts with the same disregard for convention he displays daily as head disrupter of the “Un-carrier.”

Amateurish smartphone photography? Check.

Constant running of hands through long hair? Check.

Overabundance of T-Mobile plugs? Check.

Regardless, Legere’s exaggerated enthusiasm seems to resonate with legions of followers who clearly love a generous helping of ham.