Posted: Nov, 17 2015

Matt had built Fremont Brewing Company into a thriving Seattle craft brewer. He had built a community gathering spot and urban beer garden where locals could grab a handcrafted beer and enjoy life. He knew it was time for more.

Posted: Sep, 29 2015

Today there are approximately 25,000 unfilled STEM jobs in Washington, and demand is expected to double by 2017.

Posted: Sep, 21 2015

There is a tidal wave of construction taking over the Pacific Northwest. One project surpasses the rest in scope and size - the Lincoln Square Expansion. And who better to discuss the new expansion than the Vice President of Engineering at Kemper Development, Dave Nieman.

Engaged employees are the driving force behind today’s top performing organizations. Yet recent Mercer research has found that employee engagement around the globe is at an all-time low. One tool available to help reverse this trend is the employee survey.

Posted: Jul, 07 2015

Lack of employee financial wellness can present challenges to employers akin to those posed by poor physical or mental health.

Beyond comp packages and tech stacks, the intangible qualities of a job are centered around four notions: sharing of information, accessibility, impact, and work environment.

The Seattle Aquarium is partnering with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions to revamp their facility and transform the way they operate, as their first step towards reducing their carbon footprint, cutting costs on utility bills, and contributing to a better environment for the Pacific Northwest. We talked with Ryan Dean, Director of Finance at the Aquarium, about the changes taking place.

Microsoft, King County, and MacDonald-Miller are uniting forces for the largest U.S. local government energy smart building program, in which MacDonald-Miller is installing Microsoft software to five King County approved buildings. Perry England, MacDonald-Miller’s Vice President of Building Performance, explains more about the implications.

Posted: Feb, 27 2015

Advances in data and automation techniques are pushing the “what if” frontiers. An excerpt from PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Growth in health benefits costs has slowed considerably, due in part to employers taking the initiative to encourage consumerism and emphasize a culture of employee health.