Unlike many financial leaders after the banking crisis, incoming CEO Benson Porter had to manage expansion.

Staying close to home has worked pretty well for Budd Gould, who founded his first restaurant in Bellevue in 1969.

Discipline and persistence, traits that help Pioneer Human Services’ clients build productive lives while bearing a criminal history, come naturally to CEO Karen Lee, a graduate of the United States Military Academy.

What happens when a disrupter encounters disruption of its own? Real estate brokerage Redfin stormed the gates of an entrenched industry in 2006 through a lower-fee, internet-fueled model, refunding a portion of agent commissions to homeowners.

When Ardine Williams was hired to recruit the people who would help build out Amazon’s Web Services division, she didn’t have to think too hard about an underrecognized source for talent.

He may be at the helm, but Stein Kruse feels more like a steward of the 143-year-old cruise ship franchise.

It’s not hard to see the impact Ada Healey has had on Seattle in the past 15 years. Just take a stroll down Westlake Avenue or Mercer Street in the heart of South Lake Union.

Nutritionist Cynthia Lair ( is a faculty member at Bastyr University, an actor and improviser, star of the web series Cookus Interruptus ( and author of two cookbooks: Feeding the Young Athlete and Feeding the Whole Family, whose fourth edition came out last November.

Under Ed Murray, Seattle has become recognized nationally for promoting progressive policies like the $15 minimum wage, but he also sees the need for more centralization in the mayor’s office to implement better controls over the city’s large bureaucracy.

Larry W. “Chip” Hunter, a scholar of human resource management and industrial relations, became dean of Washington State University’s Carson College of Business in March 2015. He aims to make Carson College the premier place in the Northwest for an undergraduate business education.