Sawant, who’s always claims she lives on a “worker’s salary" and contributes the rest to a "solidarity fund," is actually donating that money to her own political groups, making her much like any other politician.

Key takeaways and news and notes from the surprisingly frank discussion at the Seattle City Council's extended roundtable session on the employee-hours tax that would pay for homelessness services

Two workers, who request anonymity, suggest the tunnel-boring machine was pushed beyond its limit by a foolhardy contractor.

Here's what's happening over the next couple weeks with the proposed new employee-hours tax on Seattle businesses

The issue isn’t that project costs have overrun the budget; the issue is that no one knows what the project costs are, nor apparently how much funding is available.

A review has founded a $23 million capital shortfall, bringing the total cost for the project over $200 million.

Ride-hail businesses have disrupted the transportation sector so thoroughly that cities like Seattle are forced to play catch-up — with inadequate information — as they try to regulate the new players while keeping legacy taxi companies viable.

The ordinance that was passed by the Seattle City Council in 2015 is currently in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Progressive Revenue Task Force will present its recommendations for a total $150 million revenue package on March 14. Plus: A Q&A with Task Force co-chair, councilmember Lorena Gonzalez.

Washington would be a major casualty in a Sino-American trade war.