The proposed ordinance would establish rights and protections for those who work in a private home, including occupations like nanny, house cleaner or home care worker.

Amazon, Starbucks and Paul Allen's Vulcan were among the top contributors to the anti-head tax campaign

Several council members supported the tax, but saw its divisive future as a business-backed referendum drive had it hurtling toward the November election, and voted to repeal it

It seems likely that the recently passed employee hours tax that would fund affordable housing and homelessness services will be repealed today

While advancing Mayor Jenny Durkan's plan to give ORCA passes to Seattle Public Schools, the topic of a special bus service was raised in the Seattle City Council as the "period of maximum constraint" looms.

Also in the win column with this ruling: the public's right to see what its government is doing.

Breaking down how declining demand, customer service, workforce issues and more will impact City Light for years to come

What is a Local Improvement District, and how is it funding the city's $688 million renovation initiative?

The city tried to cut ties with Wells Fargo, but no one else wanted to take Seattle's banking business