The next generation of manufacturing leadership can be found in companies like electronics contract manufacturer Out of the Box and its owners, Chad and Allison Budvarson.

Western Integrated Technologies started in 1969 as Hydraulics Components Company, a small distributor of hydraulic-system components. Bill Hill and a partner bought it in 1986.

In the seafood industry, sustainability doesn’t only cover what or how much you catch. It also means what you do with what you’ve caught, and how.Trident has been making a big push to reduce waste and get more from the seafood it processes.

Lots of companies may claim a place among the foundational firms of America. Mutual Materials actually makes the bricks, concrete blocks, masonry, pavers and walls that keep those businesses standing.

Precision is critical in advanced manufacturing, whether the material being machined is metal or, as is increasingly the case in Washington, a composite material.

There’s a lot of stuff in the world to keep track of. The latest technology for figuring out what’s where is radio-frequency identification (RFID), and it’s a growing business for ID Integration, which not only offers the equipment but helps businesses and the military put it together into productive systems.

Corrosion poses huge expense exposure and risk for everyone. Components wear away until they fail, sometimes catastrophically. Modumetal has a potential solution: nanolayered materials designed to be stronger, lighter, more durable and more corrosion resistant than conventional metals.

Provail began in 1942 to provide services to people with cerebral palsy and adopted its current name in 1999 to reflect service to a wider range of clients and a more entrepreneurial approach.

Manufacturers are well versed in dealing with forces and trends far beyond their control or ability to influence, but in 2016, that talent is being tested to a degree not seen in years. Between weak economies — both at home and in major export markets — and issues like health care costs and workforce availability, there is no shortage of challenges.

Danaher Corporation’s spinoff, Fortive, creates a Fortune 500-size business headquartered in Everett.