Outdoor gear takes a beating in rugged conditions. Gear Aid makes the adhesives, tapes, water repellents, cleaners, lubricants and deodorizers to restore camping equipment and sporting goods to prime condition.

Hops are a crucial flavoring ingredient in beer brewing, and Yakima Valley happens to be the world’s center of hops production.

The name certainly suggests its aerospace heritage, but Aero Precision today focuses on another product requiring sophisticated manufacturing and razor-thin tolerances. 

Accrafab needed room to expand its contract manufacturing and machine-shop operations. It scouted possible locations in Washington and across the state line in Idaho.

Moving something big and heavy — like a nuclear-reactor pump, a boat or an entire spacecraft — can be tough even with wheels. So why not let compressed air do the job? 

“Sustainability” has two applications in manufacturing these days. In the pages ahead, learn how the best of Washington manufacturers match the meaning of sustainability … however it’s defined.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Made in Washington is a monthly photo feature focusing on a Washington manufacturer.

China-born Wong Tsu, pictured in the foreground, was the first aeronautical engineer Bill Boeing hired at his fledgling airplane company.

For sheer economic impact, few comestibles can top the humblest of vegetables and possibly the most popular mass-market product made from it: the potato and the french fry. Accordingly, Lamb Weston, part of packaged-foods giant ConAgra Foods, is adding a second french-fry production line to its existing plant in Richland.