Made in Washington: Liberty Bottleworks

Our photographer visits the Yakima-based environmentally sustainable bottle manufacturer.

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In Union Gap, just outside Yakima, Liberty Bottleworks manufactures the only completely customizable recycled-aluminum water bottles made in America.

Founded in 2010, Liberty believes that “environmentally sustainable manufacturing can take place in the United States.”

To date, it has made more than 1.5 million reusable bottles, shipping them all over the world and doing its part to reduce usage of disposable plastic water bottles.

In the large photo, gleaming metal bottles wait to be powder coated inside and out. Above left, Liberty’s proprietary “outserts” attach to bottle necks as anchors for the capping system.

Above center, bottles travel a conveyor from the internal powder coat oven to the external powder coat oven. Above right, an assortment of “marbled” caps spans the spectrum so that no two are alike.

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