Made in Washington: Essential Baking Company

The Seattle-based bakery was founded in 1994 and now employs 350 people and packs and ships roughly 16 million loaves of bread a year.

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Founded in Seattle in 1994 by George DePasquale and the late Jeff Fairhall, Essential Baking Company today employs 350 people who produce, package and ship about 45,000 loaves of certified organic bread each day — roughly 16 million loaves a year — from its Georgetown bakery.

Essential makes more than 200 different bread and pastry products and sells to 41 states and territories as well as Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

Fresh out of the oven, top photo, a batch of Fremont Sour White bread cools before packaging.

In the photos above (and below), a baker dips a loaf into a mixture of seeds for the Seeded Parisian baguette; a baker shapes dough into a baguette loaf; and a pastry chef uses a piping bag to fill eclairs with cream.

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