MacDonald-Miller Insight

Posted: Mar, 01 2017

Within the critical world of health care, what happens when the patient is the hospital building? How do Healthcare Facility Directors & Construction Managers make needed changes to their aging buildings, while ensuring no downtime or loss of comfort to their patients?

Posted: Nov, 03 2016

MacDonald-Miller’s Chief Information Officer, Bradd Busick, explains how this new technology will be integrated into services.

Posted: Sep, 21 2016

The Polyclinic Northgate wanted to do something that had never been done before -- create a medical clinic that could be rearranged in a weekend, located in virtually any building, and most importantly, a place that would not cost a lot to change in the future.

Posted: Mar, 01 2016

Reagan Perry, Executive VP of Construction Sales, gives insight into MacMiller’s role in one the biggest projects the city has ever seen--the 8th & Howell Hotel.

Posted: Sep, 21 2015

There is a tidal wave of construction taking over the Pacific Northwest. One project surpasses the rest in scope and size - the Lincoln Square Expansion. And who better to discuss the new expansion than the Vice President of Engineering at Kemper Development, Dave Nieman.

The Seattle Aquarium is partnering with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions to revamp their facility and transform the way they operate, as their first step towards reducing their carbon footprint, cutting costs on utility bills, and contributing to a better environment for the Pacific Northwest. We talked with Ryan Dean, Director of Finance at the Aquarium, about the changes taking place.

Microsoft, King County, and MacDonald-Miller are uniting forces for the largest U.S. local government energy smart building program, in which MacDonald-Miller is installing Microsoft software to five King County approved buildings. Perry England, MacDonald-Miller’s Vice President of Building Performance, explains more about the implications.