April 2014

From this Issue

Important new patents in the world of apples.

Spokane-based bank maintains a profitable niche in Puget Sound-region.

CEO Steve Willey believes it will be a game changer.

Despite the recent negativity, it's having a real-world impact in the region.

Programs help liberal arts grads acquire business skills.

Is gaming our next savior or a passing fad?

Nation's largest chain is moving into the Seattle area this year.

Miró show at SAM includes rarely seen sculptures.

Ethan Stowell’s tiny Mkt. has big delights in store.

As the Mariners begin another season, the best way to avoid yawning is to perpetuate Seahawks fever.

Former golf pro has ratcheted up the firm's expertise in the health care arena.

Maintaining the Seattle standard for business ethics

A UW effort aims to help scientists make better use of the vast amounts of information being collected.

This one promises to redefine the Eastside’s signature city.

Howard Schultz has his critics, but it’s hard to dismiss Starbucks’ broad influence on this community and beyond.

How Starbucks plans to keep you coming back for more.