April 2012

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Washington and Alaska have been inextricably linked business partners for more than two centuries. And while challenges loom, the potential for future growth is stronger than ever.

Most want none until they want some.

When Gary Shenk took over as CEO of Corbis in 2007, the Bill Gates-owned supplier of digital content was facing a crisis. Publisher demand for quality images was shrinking while amateur photographers flooded the market with cheap photos. Shenk cut costs, automated processes and acquired new capabilities in areas like entertainment. Now he’s focused on growing a company with revenues already in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

New seattle law firm offers a revolutionary alternative to the billable hour

Recent three-day class resulted in job offers for 75 percent of students.

Carbon Cultures uses $50,000 grant to create reusable pyrolysis blanket.

It's the only tribe in the state without a Class III compact.

But gaming remains king.

Small communities may have stores that sell liquor for the first time in decades.

Tiny Eastlake space yields another precious acorn.

Portland native performing April 24 at the Paramount.

This Broadmoor mansion fills the bill.

There's a lull right now, but acquisitions will resume by next year.

Despite economic downturn, patent law remains a vigorous growth sector.

It's an environmental debate that has to happen.

It will be too late if they wait until 2014.

Three considerations to help family-owned firms demystify the process.