Millennials are pejoratively referred to in the popular press as the “Me Generation,” described as being self-absorbed, irresponsible and lacking a work ethic. The statistics tell a radically different story.


The 2016 Neighborhood Builder Winners are tackling hunger and family support services.

Imagine the uproar if one of the region’s biggest employers cut its ranks by nearly 7 percent in the space of two years, with prospects for even more downsizing. Task forces would be convened; stern messages about the future would be read; incentives would be considered.


As your business grows and you begin selling your products or services outside the state of Washington, you need to consider the tax implications. Other state and local governments are, of course, excited to have you selling to their residents and businesses.

Good growth is real, inclusive, responsible and lasting. Good growth benefits everyone – consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society alike. Good growth makes sound business sense as business perform better in a society that is stable, healthy and prosperous. But it may not always be reflected in conventional financial and management reporting.