Daring Women

Swary also stresses that women’s leadership strengths are often misperceived as weaknesses ― a barrier that must be overcome

Donio says women seeking to advance their careers must be confident that they deserve the job and ‘are destined to do well’

Lockwood heads a working group that is applying genetic tools to advance the detection and diagnosis of cancers and other diseases

The Seattle entrepreneur believes leaders should play a key role in nurturing talent and inclusive workplace cultures

Stephens says the life doesn’t always provide a ‘fair and level playing field,’ but she believes perseverance can be a great equalizer

As director of the membership-networking organization, she connects business leaders who share common objectives in commerce

Affeldt also knows a thing or two about navigating the business side of the animal kingdom

Park’s Seattle-based food-distribution company brings the tastes of Korea to U.S. consumers

The Seattle attorney plays key roles in two groups dedicated to advancing women leadership skills

Her company, Liz Loomis Public Affairs, helps taxpayer-funded entities improve communications with the citizens they serve