When Seattle passed a paid-sick-leave law mandating a set number of paid days for sick leave, local businessman David Lee accepted it. But the results have been disappointing. The city's $15 minimum-wage mandate was another challenge.

Am I the only one troubled by the ground-floor vacancies in all of the new buildings going up in Seattle?

A new toxic material is threatening the Northwest. It’s safe enough for human, animal and fish consumption in its natural state, but it can be seriously hazardous to economic development projects and political careers.

Posted: Sep, 17 2016

There are very few things Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have agreed on during this year’s presidential campaign. Yet, somehow, both candidates are aligned on the message that trade deals are the cause of all our country’s economic woes.

Round-number-anniversary stories are an overused tool in the journalism workshop, maybe because they’re still helpful in pausing to assess where we are, how we got here and where we’re going.

Arguably the greatest risk facing companies, even small businesses, is impostor fraud — specifically, the business email compromise (BEC) scam.

When an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) struck the Great Wheel on Seattle’s waterfront last November, it was a vivid demonstration of what can go wrong as more drones take to the sky.

Nick Hanauer, an early investor in Amazon, is a venture capitalist who has launched or funded more than 30 companies. He is also a social activist who played a role in promoting Seattle’s adoption of a $15 minimum wage.

The fact that downtown Seattle has tied its fate to Amazon’s future is about as surprising as discovering — again — that Michael Bennett thinks the Seahawks should pay him more money.