"Companies don’t grow forever. Even big and seemingly invincible ones contract, move or break up."

Fear of retribution can be real and intimidating. Finding your voice requires support and encouragement.

Amazon made it known that it would halt downtown Seattle expansion plans over the proposed "head tax." An ugly day for political discourse in Seattle followed.

The business community should instead support a common-sense tax reform like a statewide income tax

Instead of merely reporting on the status quo, we want to be a positive force for change.

Your customer doesn’t care if you’re feeling sick or having a bad day.

For Darren Berg, J’Amy Owens and the Mastros, visibility is highly overrated.

On second thought, for Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, the sky is just the beginning.

Local companies like 2Morrow and WellPepper are developing apps to help people do things like quit smoking and improve health care management.

Partnering, pairing, associating. Whatever you want to call it, health care organizations will continue to merge.