Washington Manufacturing Awards 2014: Manufacturer of the Year (Nonprofit)



Pioneer Human Services

Seattle | pioneerhumanservices.org

A tough job market is even tougher for those trying to reenter society after being in prison or trying to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Pioneer Human Services’ mission is to help them, and one way it does so is through its manufacturing subsidiary, Pioneer Industries. The diversified company produces aircraft interior and structural components, parts for commercial kitchen, construction, audio and commercial power generation equipment. Pioneer Industries’ revenues have grown by more than 60 percent since 2011, and it has added more than 40 jobs to its workforce, bringing the total to 236. Being a social-services enterprise doesn’t mean ignoring important business principles like lean operation and developing new markets. Pioneer last year added a high-efficiency air compressor to reduce energy costs and equipment that allows full production of titanium sheet-metal parts.

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