Letters: The Future is Now


Predictions for 2015

The push for more personal cloud technologies will lead to a shift toward services and away from devices.
David Wagstaff
Vice president and chief architect, 
Bsquare Corporation

Achievement rates for low-income students won’t get better without intervention from foundations, nonprofits, schools and governments working together.
Deidre McCormack
Executive director, Summer Search

We will see the data scientist focus on how to place commoditized, straightforward analytics and insights into the hands of less analytical functions.
Olly Downs
Chief scientist, Globys

The societal change wrought by many technologies has yet to be addressed by governments, which confront a rising mass of left-behind workers and reorder economic activity that may be more to the benefit of the few rather than the masses.
Michael Brejda
Managing director, U.S. Trust

It will be increasingly important for marketers to take a look at creating authentic, useful marketing content and utilizing targeted channels to tell a story and create loyal brand ambassadors.
John Rubino
President, GreenRubino

For a variety of reasons — from increasing productivity to cost savings — we’ll witness companies starting to utilize multiple cloud providers at the same time to address their needs.
Eric Webster
Vice president and general manager, Accelerite

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