The 2016 Washington Manufacturing Awards: Manufacturer of the Year, Small Firms

Winner: BioLife Solutions
Manufacturer of the Year, Small Firms
BioLife Solutions
Bothell ›
Research doesn’t work without the right tools, and in the case of biomedical research, critical tools are the preservation media used to store stem cells, bone marrow, cellular therapies and tissue samples.
BioLife Solutions makes products designed to extend the shelf life and improve the survival rates of cells used by hundreds of biotech companies in R&D and clinical trials. Revenue for the Nasdaq-listed company grew 29 percent last year, reaching $6.4 million; employment is up from 25 in early 2013 to 43 today.
BioLife is expanding its menu of offerings to the biotech industry with the introduction of Biologistex, a cloud-based logistics-management system allowing customers to track and manage shipments of high-value, time- and temperature-sensitive materials. 

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